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Which is your most prized possession?

A blanket.
An octopus.
My hair.
A beaker and testtubes.
A chalkboard.
A kiddie phone.
Red high-heeled pumps and a ton of hairspray.

What was/is your favorite course in high school?

Peer Counseling
Physical Education

What is your best quality?

I'm the wee, loveable type.
I'm mysteriously sexy.
I can peform numerous equations faster than you can say "Periodic Table of Elements!"
I kick lots of butt.
You can learn a lot from me.
I make sure everything goes right.
I can color pretty pictures.

Your favorite color is...

Purplish Blue

Do you have a hidden talent?

Yo hablo espanol.
Well, let's see now, umm, I communicate well.
My hats float mysteriously above my head.
Ice breath!
I can create the perfect little girls.
I can walk on my tiptoes 24/7.
I can take you AND your friends down!

The most annoying thing about you is...

I hate baths.
I have no head.
I have a large moustache that I refuse to trim.
My head is square. It's a pain trying to find hats that fit.
...I'm annoying? *cries*
My hips are the size of texas.
I'm super bossy.

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